Sam Boraie Leads The Future Development Of New Brunswick And Beyond

The state Theatre of New Jersey is often seen as finding it difficult to cope in a hard to navigate economic situation, but Sam Boraie and his family business of Boraie Development have been making inroads into various areas of the state for a number of decades. Across New Jersey Sam Boraie has been looking for different ways of enhancing the success of the state through the real estate development company his father, Omar Boraie established more than 40 years ago; Sam Boraie has led the company into new areas of success after taking the business out of New Brunswick and into Atlantic City.

Boraie Development was established in 1972 by Omar Boraie, an immigrant who shows just how the ‘American Dream’ can be achieved. According to the NY Times, Sam Boraie has played a key role in the move to Atlantic City of Boraie Development that will expand the role of the company across New Jersey.

In New Brunswick( itself the work of Boraie Development and Sam Boraie has seen the city transformed as the company has put forward a plan that has seen a city transformed into a fashionable area reflecting the cosmopolitan lifestyle of New York; among the impressive areas of New Brunswick that Boraie Development have been involved in are the high class residential apartment building of The Aspire, and the class A office space of Albany Street Tower 2.