Shop For The Best Wines From UKV PLC

A good bottle of wine is what completes any celebration, and people who collect wines understand the importance of due diligence when making the purchase. UKV PLC realized that there was quite a gap between the vintner in Europe and the customers from around the globe. This prompted them to come up with an online store where the wine would be displayed for all their customers to see and make a purchase. The site has gained a lot of popularity for consumers and distributors.

The wines available in the store are from some of the best vineyards in Europe. The wines come from France, Italy and the UK. The French wines in the collection are some of the best in the world. Their price ranges from a few hundred pounds into the thousands and their quality is assured. The collection features both red and white wines which have been fermented for several decades.

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It is possible to access the site and buy single bottles of each wine type as a collector. Similarly, people who need to get wine for resale purposes can also get several pieces of the wines for their stores. If you are thinking of becoming a distributor, it is possible to become one of the most successful with UKV PLC because their products are some of the most popular especially in emerging BRIC Markets. The products sole include wines, gins and some of the best champagnes. Their business model also assures the vintners of maximum profit from their investment, which makes them the ideal wine sellers.

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An Interview with the Investment Genius Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Getting a businessman who is as busy as Jason Halpern to sit down for a meeting is not a simple thing. The latest trend that he has been setting for his success is accumulating flyer miles as he operates between Miami and New York to coordinate his many real estate investment projects. It is almost impossible to believe that he has been building his business empire for less than a decade and already he is handling an asset base of close to half a billion in real estate projects. His company, JMH has made a few collaborations with companies such as Madden Real Estate Ventures, with whom they created the Aloft South Beach Miami Project. This is a project that was completed in 2016.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

One of the most recent projects that the businessman has been dealing with is the conversion of the Wild Turkey Bourbon Warehouse into condominiums for rent. The organization had been made between the Rockpoint Group of Companies, Kushner and JMH. There are many other projects that the group has taken part in including one that was completed a few years ago and involved the conversion of a warehouse into 338 condos. There are countless other deals that are in the pipeline, including the conversion of the Cinema in Brooklyn Heights into condominiums.

Jason’s Own Time

The road to investment hasn’t been the easiest for Jason. There is a time in the past when he was trying to put together a real estate deal, but it fell apart before it could bear any fruit, and the loss was huge for him.However, he states that it was his best learning opportunity, and the reason that he is as successful as he is currently.


Jason’s Family

Jason got his knack for real estate development from his father, who was also a real estate developer. He worked at his father’s firm for a length of time before he decided to go off and start a practice of his own. Besides investing, he is a family man and his hobbies include formula one racing. He has a son from a previous marriage who he takes along on most of his racing exploits.