How Securus Technologies Helps Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies has a phone inmate communications system that is really remarkable. It offers the best way for people that work in inmate facilities to maintain order and keep everyone safer. Communications can be protected and monitored for the greater safety of all that work and are incarcerated there. This is how it works to do that.


When an inmate talks to someone on the outside, they use the telephone system that is offered by Securus Technologies to help ensure that future plans, intimidation and so on by criminals can be stopped before anything bad ever happens. It’s very effective. The reason why it is so effective is the way that the system works. It allows law enforcement to hear what is discussed. Code words will trigger a recording. those recordings can be reviewed and evidence can be gathered to help know what is going on, or what is being planned by the offender.


For example. Say there is a prisoner who is talking to a sibling on the communications system. They might try to direct them in what to say for interrogations or police questioning. If that information is presented to the person the inmate is trying to coerce, then the proverbial “gig is up.” That person who is being interrogated will fold because they know that the police heard everything. Their loved one is going to be prosecuted, and now them as well for aiding and embedding a crime. Other charges can result for that as well. Best of all is the fact that the evidence that is gathered by the system can be used as evidence itself.


It is simple to see the possible uses that the Securus Technologies inmate communications system can have for helping inmate communications to break cases. Sometimes a case that was thought to be impossible to solve can be easily solved through this brilliant technology.