Differences between Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend

When building an e-commerce business or an online shop, you will read all over the place on the internet that you are going to need a software to optimize certain tasks that would take too long and too much effort if done by an actual staff.

These tasks are often related to automatic stuff like the recommendation part of e-commerce business that allows for customers to find items related to what they are buying or adding to their shopping lists; or even that conversion optimization task that might take too long to perform on your own or by using the default platform that you have prepared for your website.

These tasks are greatly enhanced by using Sentient AI; a software built explicitly for e-commerce businesses and online shops, even the big ones like Amazon and Groupon.

All over the world, software developed by the Sentient AI Corporation is used to increase the efficiency of the e-commerce websites and the run for who controls the online market is dominated by who has the better optimization, the better design, and who can provide, for the visitors of the shop, the best experience. Have you ever visited a website and got confused with where to go next or where can you find certain information? Or maybe you were searching for a specific product by the search engine of that website is awful, to say the least. All these tasks can be improved with artificial intelligence, and the name sounds fancier than what it actually is.

If you intend on creating your own online store or you are tacking different options for your already-built e-commerce brand, hear us out.

There are different options provided by the Sentient AI, but the two that stand out are the Sentient Aware artificial intelligence and the Sentient Ascend, two different programs with different intentions.

The Sentient Aware is made to make the user experience more meaningful and more complete by guiding them and help them find exactly what they are looking for. This is the recommendation and correction part of the interface and the Sentient AI makes sure that visitors of your website will not get lost in the middle of their searching and will be led straight to what they want to buy.

The Sentient Ascend is a tool for the developers of the website, as it provides tools for testing and optimization of your interface. Did we say how fast the software is? Yes, all the tools provided by the Sentient Ascend are incredibly fast compared to what is expected from other platforms. Learn more about Sentient at bloomberg.com.

If you need artificial intelligence, Sentient AI is pretty darn smart.

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