Dr. Saad Saad: A Surgeon on a Mission

He is a successful pediatric surgeon out of Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Saad Saad, is known for is expert skills and unique techniques with the medical profession. His career has garnered the attention of humanitarian groups as well as the Saudi Royal family. The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) approached him back in 2002 to help Arab children get the medical attention they needed in the Middle east. They were desperately seeking a doctor who could help a 15 year old child that was shot in the West Bank. Even though he did receive medical attention at the Israeli hospital, which ultimately saved his life, he still needed steel surgery to be done. This embarked on a search by PCRF, which eventually found Dr. Saad Saad in the United States to perform the surgery.


Dr. Saad examined the young child as in near death condition upon arrival. There were gunshot holes in his stomach, burns on his skin and he could not eat. It was in 2003 Dr. Saad attempted the 7 hour surgery on the 15 year old boy attending to his gunshot holes and additional injuries. The surgery was a success. Later in 2010. Dr. Saad did another surgery on a child from the same area, which was a young girl born with her intestines outside of her body. Palestine doctors faced many challenges in helping the child with her condition. It was at this time, PCRF got the young child to Dr. Saad where he was able to create what is called a “fig leaf cover” that covered her intestines sitting on her stomach. Though surgery lasted 5 hours, the end result was successful.


Three years later , PCRF reached out to Dr. Saad one more time for another child, a young boy located in the Gaza Strip that was injured by a bomb. He was paralyzed in one of his legs and confined to a wheelchair. Though an avid soccer player prior to the incident, the young boy could not move his leg. He was in desperate need of nerve transplant surgery. Though this was not his specialty, Dr. Saad was able to find the appropriate surgeon to provide the child with the medical care he needed. Within 11 months, that boy walked out of the hospital back to the Gaza Strip to continue his soccer playing.


Dr. Saad Saad has perform surgery in multiple hospitals throughout the New Jersey area. He is a regular at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth medical center, Long Branch Campus. He has practiced medicine for nearly 20 years or more after obtaining his degree from Cario University School of Medicine. His surgeon skills are in high demand and has saved many lives. Dr. Saad’s specialty is in pediatric and thoracic surgery. Learn more: https://www.meridianhealth.com/location/meridian-faculty-pediatric-surgery-eatontown/index.aspx

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