Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a renown individual in the whole of the UK. In the Ismaili community, Shafik focuses to bring change as a philanthropist that would advance the society as a whole. For many years, Sachedina purpose to evolve the Ismaili community not just in the UK but even across the world. As a well-intentioned individual, he participates in the Ismaili community as an advisory and member. The institution encourages the Muslim culture of the Ismaili community and its history. The involvement of Dr. Shafik enables the institution to deliver its mandate as intended. Sachedina was born in Dar Esalaam in the year 1950. Later in his adolescence, he moved to the United Kingdom. Shafik enrolled in a medical school known as the Guy Medical Hospital in London. Then, he trained as a dental surgeon in the London Dental School.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina purpose to preach the information about the Muslim culture and knowledge to all the community members. Sachedina makes sure that the Ismaili community is influential worldwide. Also, he works with the Aga Khan Foundation; the UK licensed charity organization. The foundation provides a good life to the members of the Ismaili community members across the globe. Shafik is the primary coordinator in the Ismaili community’s organizations, and he also volunteers in the Ismaili community’s missions.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a joint chairman of the Sussex Healthcare center; the United Kingdom’s senior healthcare center. As a leader, Sachedina comes up with strategies and vision to see the institution moving forward in providing exceptional care and medical attention. Apart from taking care of the elderly, Sussex Healthcare delivers hospitality to adolescents and other adults with situations such as learning disabilities, dementia, and neurological conditions. Through Dr. Shafik’s leadership, the institution makes sure that every person who calls the institution home lives happily with no mental or physical pain. Patients live in a healing society where one patient works towards the recovery of the other.

While in London, Dr. Shafik Sachedina fetched himself a degree in dental surgery in the University of London in the year 1975. Consequently, he practiced dentistry for many years making sure his patients got the most appropriate treatments. Shafik worked in association with many of the healthcare facilities where he served in numerous roles. Dr. Sachedina served in the delegations that solved the confrontational issues between Afghanistan and Syria. Also, he became the Ismaili community’s president twice.

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Professor Kamil Idris, Championing for Intellectual Rights

Professor Kamil Idris is the current head of the international court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM). He served as the director in charge of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). He is from Sudan. He is a former diplomat and international Civil Servant. Professor Kamil Idris’ academic prowess is legendary characterized by honorary Doctorate law Degrees from over nineteen great Universities all around the world and capped by the Ph.D. from Geneva University, Switzerland. He is also a celebrated author with many publications focusing on the issues of Intellectual Property, Law and development.

In an article on ie-Forum, Professor Idris shares his views and hope. He notes that the World Intellectual Property day is rising in popularity. Many governments and organizations all over the continent are joining the campaign to champion Intellectual rights. Amongst the organizations of interests is World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD). WASD is responsible for building a secure network of intellectuals from different parts of the world in the effort of exchanging knowledge and experience.

In his address, Professor Idris attempts to answer probable questions fronted by the general public on the importance of intellectual property. He insists that intellectual property plays a significant role in ensuring new and improved technology comes to light. The World Intellectual Property Day was started to celebrate human creativity and the rights that not only help in fueling it but also channel it appropriately. These rights make the human intelligence in creativity to propel the development process.

He noted with satisfaction the degree of progress that human ingenuity has brought us, from the invention of the wheel to air travel. Great thinking has moved humankind from the drawing in caves to publishing and the computer era. Professor Idris further points out that WIPO and other related organizations such as WASD are committed to tapping and spreading the products and abilities of human creativity together with inventions and innovations. The Professor concludes by stating that World Intellectual Property Day is dedicated to the appreciation of inventors, innovators, and artists who continually take part in the enrichment of Mankind.

Financial Advice Shared by William Saito

You get the feeling that your startup can be a next big thing. But building your firm from scratch takes a lot of effort. In fact, going from ideas and prototypes to securing copyright and establishing your company can be a big minefield of a business. There are many experts and financial advisers that you can approach when you are facing this dilemma and William H. Saito is one of them.

William Saito is the founder of I/O Software Inc. He is also a well-known finance expert, a global leader in security software and has many inventions and accolades to his record. The first Biometric Authentication System or BAS was invented by Saito. His brainchild InTecur, a California based business founded in 2004 is a popular firm that helps find innovative technology markets in Japan. Saito is also a consultant for startups working for National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo. He is one of the few people who won Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, NASDAQ and USA in the 1990s.


Today, Saito offers consulting services to various big and small companies throughout the world. He shows how someone can be successful without compromising work-life balance, through proven personal strategies. He gives real world guidance on applying skills and knowledge for various tasks in making a business successful. His advice is invaluable for reducing expense as well as time. His suggestions are commonsense ways to avoid being taken advantage of during financial turmoil. The recent interview at a business conference in Japan shows how William Saito sees the world when it is facing crisis.


According to Saito, ideas are worth investing on after weighing pros and cons and before it goes into the market. When asked about the level of confidence investors have in the recent years, his answer is simple. He says, investors are better equipped today than they were a decade ago and are more prone to lean towards ideas that are based on new technologies and innovations. There are many things an entrepreneur can do to attract potential investors and presenting the ins and outs of the production process as well as avoiding pitfalls is one of them. Success they so dearly crave is in fact the byproduct of trust these investors have on the startups. And if the entrepreneurs are combining their skills with an innovative concept, they are better positioned to cash-in on those ideas.