Alex Pall Explains how the Chainsmokers Success

The Chainsmokers have been making music professionally for a short while. Their music is considered some of the best in the music industry. The group is a fan favorite and even casual listeners cannot deny the likability of this two-man outfit. Alex Pall is one-half of the group and Andrew Taggart makes up the other half. Pall and Taggart have been making music most of their lives. Since they were teenagers they were laying down a foundation of EDM music success.

Pall stated that the original Chainsmokers consisted of him and another member. However, the other member had quit, and Taggart joined with Pall. The two hooked up professionally bringing the Chainsmokers to fruition. Now, in 2018 the group continues their success as a band and looks forward to a long and fruitful career.

Chainsmokers have big time number one hits to their credit which include Paris, Something Just Like This and Don’t Let Me Down. The group even branched off in a different direction with their latest singles which include Everybody Hate Me and Sickboy. Pall revealed that the group wanted to go in a different direction with some of their latest tunes.

One the reasons for the group’s success is their dedication to their craft. Making music for their fans is something that Pall and Taggart enjoy. They want their fans to have a good time whenever they hear the Chainsmokers on the radio. Pall said in an interview that it was kind of difficult creating music that people could relate to. He stated that his lifestyle and background might not be something that people could get into. However, Pall and Taggart figured out what sells with his audience. Romance, love, sex and having a good time. These are universal themes that many people experience.

The Chainsmokers try to keep their music centered and focused. They want to make sure they can make music that fans will enjoy and that the casual listener can sing along with on the radio. Internationally the group has fans all over the world. Many of their supporters are teens and young adults though some of them are children and senior citizens. The Chainsmokers success is something that the group worked hard to get. Now, they are enjoying their success to the max.

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