Jeff Herman’s Is Proud To Advocate For Sex Crime Survivors

Jeff Herman has gained worldwide acclaim as an attorney advocating for the rights of the sexually abused. The lawyer has decades of experience in the legal system and has provided positive outcomes for many survivors of sexual exploitation. He is at the forefront of forensic interviewing for those affected by rape, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse. He has garnered quite a reputation for being a caring lawyer that always listens to the victims.

He is the founder of Herman Law which gives a voice to victims. His law firm has integral relationships with law enforcement as well as mental health professionals. His law firm has a long track record for bringing sexual abuse in church or school settings out into the light. He’s also famous for exposing the sexual abuse perpetrated by the clergy at the Archdiocese of Miami.

He recently sat for a Q and A session and he produced some particularly interesting answers.

Jeff Herman explains that being a sex crimes lawyer requires a delicate fusion of drive, dedication and focus along with empathy and strength. He always sees the importance of giving victims a voice. He believes in the empowerment of disclosure.

In the interview, Jeff Herman explains that he is up to the difficult challenge of dealing with people’s worst nightmares on a near-daily basis. It’s this depth of pain that inspires him and his team to focus so intently on each case. Go To This Page for additional information.

His team investigates each case using criminal investigation techniques. Herman Law is able to get to the bottom of each case utilizing private investigators and researchers. Jeff Herman himself is always proud to speak on behalf of survivors and victims’ if they don’t feel strong enough to do so themselves.

Jeff Herman’s acclaim as a sex crimes lawyer has him traveling quite a bit. That’s why he needs his team to be on the same page at all times. He uses cutting-edge software to keep his team focused on the task at hand.

And it all started about 20 years ago when he was a commercial litigator. He ran into a mother with a horrible story and wanted to help her out. A career was born.


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