Why Jesse Cannone Is One Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Of His Time

Thousands in the business world have recognized that Jesse Cannone is one of the most successful businessmen of his time. What they may not realize is that he is focused primarily on his work in holistic products. One term he doesn’t use a lot is “profit margin”. This is because his dedication to better health is obvious, and he does not relent to the typical tactics of those working within the market of health foods and wellness. Jesse Cannone is all about helping individuals who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation, and that is abundantly clear with his promotion of Heal N’ Soothe. Through the Health Back Institute, he is able to share techniques and products that help thousands daily.

How did Jesse Cannone come to this conclusion? Cannone was a professional personal trainer for many years and had suffered some of the common chronic injuries athletes face like lower back pain and knee pain. Attending a post-rehabilitation exercise clinic changed the way he viewed everything, and he was able to reduce the pain without the need for surgery. Through his personal journey, he began to explore all-natural remedies and exercises that were within his reach. It was through this journey that he was able to cancel surgery, and he developed The Healthy Back Institute.

The goal of The Healthy Back Institute is to educate everyone with easy to read and digest learning materials like books and tapes, about natural remedies. Healthy supplementation is also a major part of what Jesse Cannone is focused on. This has led him to promote Heal N’ Soothe. Heal N Soothe is a natural supplement that is loaded with proteolytic enzymes. The focus lies on the biggest problem areas in the world like obesity, chronic pain and inflammation, and sharing information about the dangers of long-term use of prescription drugs.

Heal-n-Soothe is one of the first and only supplements to combine the power of Mother Nature’s Natural Painkillers with the food- and mineral-based building blocks to achieve maximum anti-inflammatory results

Jesse Cannone was an avid user of kinesiology, and because he suffered from chronic pain, he needed to find a solution that was natural. It was through his search for stretches, moves, and supplements that he built The Healthy Back Institute to help others heal naturally. Go To This Page to learn more.


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Jeff Herman’s Is Proud To Advocate For Sex Crime Survivors

Jeff Herman has gained worldwide acclaim as an attorney advocating for the rights of the sexually abused. The lawyer has decades of experience in the legal system and has provided positive outcomes for many survivors of sexual exploitation. He is at the forefront of forensic interviewing for those affected by rape, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse. He has garnered quite a reputation for being a caring lawyer that always listens to the victims.

He is the founder of Herman Law which gives a voice to victims. His law firm has integral relationships with law enforcement as well as mental health professionals. His law firm has a long track record for bringing sexual abuse in church or school settings out into the light. He’s also famous for exposing the sexual abuse perpetrated by the clergy at the Archdiocese of Miami.

He recently sat for a Q and A session and he produced some particularly interesting answers.

Jeff Herman explains that being a sex crimes lawyer requires a delicate fusion of drive, dedication and focus along with empathy and strength. He always sees the importance of giving victims a voice. He believes in the empowerment of disclosure.

In the interview, Jeff Herman explains that he is up to the difficult challenge of dealing with people’s worst nightmares on a near-daily basis. It’s this depth of pain that inspires him and his team to focus so intently on each case. Go To This Page for additional information.

His team investigates each case using criminal investigation techniques. Herman Law is able to get to the bottom of each case utilizing private investigators and researchers. Jeff Herman himself is always proud to speak on behalf of survivors and victims’ if they don’t feel strong enough to do so themselves.

Jeff Herman’s acclaim as a sex crimes lawyer has him traveling quite a bit. That’s why he needs his team to be on the same page at all times. He uses cutting-edge software to keep his team focused on the task at hand.

And it all started about 20 years ago when he was a commercial litigator. He ran into a mother with a horrible story and wanted to help her out. A career was born.


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Alex Pall Explains how the Chainsmokers Success

The Chainsmokers have been making music professionally for a short while. Their music is considered some of the best in the music industry. The group is a fan favorite and even casual listeners cannot deny the likability of this two-man outfit. Alex Pall is one-half of the group and Andrew Taggart makes up the other half. Pall and Taggart have been making music most of their lives. Since they were teenagers they were laying down a foundation of EDM music success.

Pall stated that the original Chainsmokers consisted of him and another member. However, the other member had quit, and Taggart joined with Pall. The two hooked up professionally bringing the Chainsmokers to fruition. Now, in 2018 the group continues their success as a band and looks forward to a long and fruitful career.

Chainsmokers have big time number one hits to their credit which include Paris, Something Just Like This and Don’t Let Me Down. The group even branched off in a different direction with their latest singles which include Everybody Hate Me and Sickboy. Pall revealed that the group wanted to go in a different direction with some of their latest tunes.

One the reasons for the group’s success is their dedication to their craft. Making music for their fans is something that Pall and Taggart enjoy. They want their fans to have a good time whenever they hear the Chainsmokers on the radio. Pall said in an interview that it was kind of difficult creating music that people could relate to. He stated that his lifestyle and background might not be something that people could get into. However, Pall and Taggart figured out what sells with his audience. Romance, love, sex and having a good time. These are universal themes that many people experience.

The Chainsmokers try to keep their music centered and focused. They want to make sure they can make music that fans will enjoy and that the casual listener can sing along with on the radio. Internationally the group has fans all over the world. Many of their supporters are teens and young adults though some of them are children and senior citizens. The Chainsmokers success is something that the group worked hard to get. Now, they are enjoying their success to the max.


The business journey of Vijay Eswaran that has led to his success

The hardest and challenging thing anyone can do is the business operation. For most people, they will be excited about the returns that will be received from the business, but they will not take the time to think about the challenges the person had to go through. Before anyone reaches a point that they can say that they already have needed success as a businessman, there are things that they have to overcome like the hurdles and challenges. The example of Vijay Eswaran he has come a long way with one thing being this drive determination to be successful. Vijay is well known for his philosophy side, and one thing that he believes in is that someone should practice the service before self to gain the success needed.

Vijay Eswaran believes that leaders that are already great cared about others more. At Forbes, he was listed in the Asia list as one of the top philanthropists. Also, he offers his services at the World Economic Forum that will assist other businesses in the achievement of their full potential. There is a lot that happened to Vijay that allowed all the success that he has to happen. According to him, a leader that is great one of the quality that he must have is integrity. He says that integrity goes hand in hand with honesty.

That advice that he gives people in his books is that patience is crucial. That is one of the traits that Vijay value. In the book, he defines patience as the act of setting the mind to being calm, serenity and tranquil the society. A leader should be patient so that in times of crisis he will be able to help the people that depend on him. That advice that he gives those people that want to be great entrepreneurs is that then they should avoid dictatorship.

The Achievements of Peter Briger

Peter Lionel Briger, also known formally by the name of Peter Briger Junior, is the principal and also the former co-chairperson of the Board of directors of the Fortress Investment Group which is currently located in San Francisco, California in the United States. Peter Briger has been an active member of the board of directors of the group ever since 2006. In the year 2009 Peter was elected to the post of co-chairperson of the group. He has been handling all the activities and management duties of the committee since the beginning of 2002. He has the obligation of managing the real estate and credit related matters of Fortress Investment Group.

Before Peter Briger had joined Fortress Investment Group, he spent a significant number of years in the company named Goldman, Sachs and Co. He was a partner of the company and served there for a long period of his career. He was even a member of the board of a non-profit organization called Tipping Point whose sole focus was to serve those families who has a significantly low earning flow in the San Francisco area. Peter Briger is an extremely accomplished business and has tremendous skill in the department of managing companies and its directorship. He served in multiple companies and several organizations to reach to the top level of the market and is considered to be one of the most influential businessmen  of San Francisco. He is an active member of the board of the Caliber School which is a very renowned chain of charter school that is focused to make the students capable for being able compete in the upcoming years of college and beyond.

Peter Briger was also a brilliant student while he was in his educational phase of his life. He has gained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Princeton. He has further acknowledged himself to earn a degree in Masters from the Wharton Business School which is at the Pennsylvania University. His years of experience and business skill have landed him on the rank of 407 in the list of Forbes list of Billionaires with a net worth of about $2.3 billion. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World


The 2018 – 2019 School Year is Looking Bright for Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is gearing up for its 2018 – 2019 school year. The school traditionally starts to receive students early in August. However, each location will establish their own particular time for student’s return. Remember that Rocketship is headquartered in California but has branches all over the country.

Rocketship is gearing up for another great school year. Teachers are returning from vacation and parents are preparing their kids for daily grind of school, classes and learning. Many people are happy to get back to school but many people are not. Regardless, Rocketship Education expects the 2018 – 2019 school year to be better than their previous years.

Optimism is very important for school. Keeping an upbeat spirit in the classroom helps to keep learning interesting and fun. Rocketship is a school that dedicated to the learning process for students K – 5. They want to ensure that these young people get a solid foundation that will help prepare them for college.

College prep starts for the kindergarten grade level and it lasts all the way till the 5th grade. That is the grade range for students attending this institution. Did you know that Rocketship Education Public Schools caters to children in disadvantage families. This is important to understand.

The school realizes that there is a need to help change the plight of students from low-income backgrounds where education is not valued. While the school caters to this group, they also allow others to attend. Anybody, from any economic or social background can attend Rocketship Education Public Schools if they are approved.

Rocketship does not want anybody to be left behind academically. Every school year since 2006 the organization has teachers ready to help students in any way they possibly can. Students who lack resources or that is experiencing instability at home, can get help from Rocketship. This school makes a difference. This value will continue to be a part of the school’s culture. The 2018 – 2019 school year looks like it is going to be a good one for the students and teachers at Rocketship Education.

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Paul Mampilly Takes Wall Street Expertise To The People

Paul Mampilly is an accomplished investor that has enjoyed a career spanning more than 25 years. Mampilly worked for many years managing hedge funds and was once honored by the Templeton Foundation for his stellar performance in the investment industry. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Mampilly spent much of his childhood in Dubai, India where he lived with his parents and sister. He would go on to attend college in the United States at Montclair State University during the years of 1986 to 1991 and finished his studies there with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Paul Mampilly returned to school at a later date to earn a master’s degree in business administration from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

The Wall Street career of Paul Mampilly began in 1991 with a position as an assistant portfolio manager with Bankers Trust. His career took off on an upward trajectory from there as Mampilly would go on to become the primary manager for multiple multi-million dollar funds and included stops at Deutsche Bank, ING, Sears, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and private bank headquartered in Switzerland. Follow Paul on Medium.

Paul Mampilly grew weary of the Wall Street rat race and decided to take the investing knowledge that had benefitted major corporations to the tune of billions in profits to use for the everyday American man and woman. Paul Mampilly took a position as a senior editor with Banyan Hill publishing where he joins an expert team of professionals that have excelled at hedge fund management and investment options.

Banyan Hill has more than 400,000 regular readers and maintains a website that provides investment strategies ranging from commodities, small and mid-cap stock options, and undervalued companies for the benefit of non-members of the one percent that do not possess the resources to be provided with high-level investment advice originating from the major Wall Street players.

The specific role that Paul Mampilly has taken with Banyan Hill is providing support for ‘main street’ Americans that are searching for the necessary answers to building portfolios that will promote their financial health.

Mampilly partners with a cohesive group of researchers and thinkers to provide the best investment advice possible for investors.

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Counselor Roseann Bennett Addresses The Pros And Cons Of Telemedicine

Roseann Bennett is one of the founders of a New Jersey nonprofit mental health organization, the Center for Treatment and Assessment. She is a graduate of Seton Hall University, earning her master’s degree there as well as her Ed.S. in marriage and family therapy.

She is now a licensed marriage and family therapist and Bennett has dedicated her career to helping people with mental health challenges and raising awareness about mental health in general.

It was along with her husband, Dr. Todd Bennett, that she founded the Center for Treatment and Assessment. They have been helping people through this organization for a decade now. She says it took a lot of hard work and determination to make this nonprofit into the success it now is. They help everyone who needs it regardless of the insurance they carry or what their financial means are.

In her interview with IdeaMensch; Looking To the Future of Therapy, Roseann Bennett says that a new trend she is seeing more and more of is telemedicine. Technological advances have resulted in people being able to do counseling via new ways such as by email, texting, and apps like Skype. She says while these can offer some advantages none of them can completely replace sitting down and having a live interaction with a good therapist.

Roseann Bennett is among the pros of telemedicine. She lists that it is convenient and that which is one of its biggest selling points. She also says that it makes getting therapy more accessible and more affordable. People don’t have to schedule a visit and then physically go to see the counselor in their office.

However, it doesn’t provide real-life human interaction, so telemedicine doesn’t offer the benefits of going to see a real counselor. She says it also lacks privacy because of data breaches. Additionally, Roseann Bennett says that it increases the chances of misdiagnosing a condition.


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Vinod Gupta – A Lifelong Learner And G0-Getter


An entrepreneur has to work hard to see what he or she wants to see. Vinod Gupta understands this, and he is more than willing to work hard to meet the needs of his clients. We are going to tell you more about Vinod Gupta and the useful things that this man has done.

Learn more about how a simple became one of Forbes World’s Billionaires.


Strong Formal Education

Vinod Gupta has a strong formal education that allows him to succeed in the business world. He knows how important it is for him to be prepared to face the challenges of his business, and he is more than willing to become a lifelong learner. This man is truly prepared to face the dangers of risks because he has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nebraska, and he is truly proud of this.


American Life

In his interview with IdeaMensch, Vinod Gupta talks about his coming to America to live the American Dream finding his first job in Nebraska. He worked as a market research analyst in a corporation, which allowed him to get the experience he needed to do the job in the business world. Vinod Gupta also understood that taking risks is part of the business world and he was more than willing to take risks when he was working in his first job. Taking his career to the next level required this man to work hard, but he was more than willing to do this. Vinod Gupta knows that a business depends on its customers, and he is more than willing to go the extra mile to offer his clients that first-class support they need. Go Here for additional information.


Vinod Gupta is a great entrepreneur who got a strong education because he knew that he had to be prepared to face the challenges of the business world. Yes, he is truly prepared, and Vinod Gupta is more than willing to go the extra mile to give his clients what they want.


View Source: https://www.indiaamericatoday.com/article/forbes-2018-worlds-billionaires-list-includes-vinod-anil-rai-gupta/

Robert Ivy’s Lifetime Achievements By The Mississippi Institute Of Arts And Letters

Robert Ivy, CEO and executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects in Washington, D.C. is this year’s winner of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is administered by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, which held this year’s 39th annual awards banquet in Jackson, Mississippi on June 2, 2018. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award goes to a Mississippi native whose lifetime work in the arts is worthy of attention. AIA President Carl Elefante said, “On behalf of the AIA, I am truly delighted to congratulate him on this unique honor.”

CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy is the first architect to win the prestigious award for his work being an ambassador for architecture. His advocacy and public outreach have helped the public understand the relevance of architecture in sustainability, public health and climate change. Previous winners have included actor Morgan Freeman, writers and artists. Andrew Cary Young of the Pearl River Glass Studio was awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award at the same time as Robert Ivy.

Under Ivy’s tenure, the AIA has more members than the organization ever had since its inception. There are seven global chapters now, in addition to the more than 250 chapters in the United States.

Robert Ivy earned a Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University. His previous accomplishments include being named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity. In a century, the fraternity has only named seven Master Architects. The year before, Ivy won the American Business Media’s Crane Award, also a lifetime achievement award.

Robert Ivy is also the author of Fay Jones: Architect, a biography in its third edition. He frequently speaks to lay audiences about architecture. Ivy also sits on the advisory boards of several architecture schools, including his alma mater, Tulane University.

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