Barbara Stokes- building energy efficient homes in America

Barbara Stokes is the founder of Green Structure Homes. This is a construction company with offices in Huntsville, Alabama. The company major in constructing modular houses for victims of disasters. Led by Barbra Stokes, the company has been looking at ways of introducing the latest technology in their homes so that they can secure the lives of victims of disasters. The company is mostly called to provide services after natural disasters have hit a certain region. The main reason they are called upon is to ensure that people get the comfortable homes where they can live in as they work on modalities of improving their lives. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes applies engineering technology to build homes with fire sprinkler systems. The reason she started this company is that she recognized the important role that housing plays in disaster management. After a disaster, many people are left homeless and therefore, giving them a home which is safe is a priority. Despite being a temporary shelter, such a facility can serve the needs of the people in far much better way than other facilities. Making sure that the victims of disaster s are comfortable now shifts focus to other issues. GSH has been working closely with FEMA to provide these facilities. FEMA also recognizes the importance of shelter to victims of disaster, and it is, therefore, one of their priorities in the newly formulated National Response Framework.

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GSH is established as a Disaster Relief Contractor and a manufacturer of state-of-the-art housing designs. The company is always on top when it comes to creating modular housing designs. It also ensures that it meets the high specifications set by FEMA. The team which works with Stokes has experience of more than three decades working in the manufactured housing industry. They also ensure that the houses they make can be assembled in short time in order to respond to emergencies.

GSH houses are built using the latest technology, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials which fit in the emergency scenario they are supposed to serve. The homes built by GSH are cheap to maintain and also the energy costs are very low. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.