Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘The Great Raid’

Bender was born in the year 1957, 17 October. He was born in Bronx, New York USA. He was born to two parents of Jewish origin. His mother was a kindergarten teacher while his father was a college history teacher. Lawrence Bender attended Chery Hill High School East. While still pursuing his secondary education, Lawrence Bender wanted to be like his grandfather. Bender’s granddad was a civil engineer by profession. When he completed his secondary level, he joined the University of Maine where he pursued an engineering course just like his grandfather. Lawrence Bender became a graduate of the University of Maine class of 1979 with a degree in civil engineering. Lawrence decided to pursue the course because he had heard rumours that there were plenty of jobs available in the field.

While still on campus, Bender developed a passion for dancing. He wished to do dancing when he completed his university education. He danced for several years. Bender was able to travel to several parts of the United States where he performed circus and danced. Together with his group, Bender attained so much success in the entertainment industry. However, he incurred an injury that sidelined him for good. He quit dancing and decided to pursue another career.

Lawrence Bender rose to fame when he produced the movie ‘The Reservoir Dogs’ in the year 1992. Since then, Lawrence Bender has produced several other films like Pulp Fiction, Safe, Good Will Hunting, Django, the Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino and An Inconvenient Truth among others. So far Lawrence Bender has scooped several awards for his great works. He has also been nominated for other plenty of prizes. Bender also received over three academy awards for the best picture. Being so experienced in the field of entertainment, bender engineered the movie’ The Great Raid’.

The movie is set in the Philippines in the year 1945. It was near the end times of the great World War 2. Under the command was Lieutenant Colonel Henry Mucci together with Captain Robert Prince of the 6th ranger battalion. The group was undertaking a mission that was very risky. They travelled over thirty miles behind enemy lines trying to rescue over 500 USA soldiers that were held, hostage.

Academy of Art University: Artistic Vision Defined

Earlier this September at the New York Fashion Show (NYFS) a dazzling display of creativity and competence was seen from the members of the Academy of Arts University. This was the 21st runway performance held by the university and the success they have found is a testament to the principles the university relies on. The incredibly diverse student body had ten members represented at NYFS and with five women’s wear collections, two men’s wear collections and two collaborations showcasing every aspect of the event.


Academy of Art University, formerly known as Academy of Art College came to be in 1929 in San Francisco. Since its foundation it has gone on to perform at the NYFS twenty-one times. As of 2018 it has just north of twelve thousand students and over one thousand faculty members making it the largest private design school in the continental US.


Originally founded by Richard S. Stephens as an institution dedicated to advertisement artwork it has gone on to develop a much broader field of coursework. It now offers Associate’s through Master’s degrees in twenty-five subject areas ranging from Fine Arts to Architecture. Procuring Regional Accreditation in 2007 from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges has led to an even greater influx of highly qualified individuals. Alumni from the Academy of Arts have gone on to do a number of notable accomplishments. Members of the school have gone on to do everything from competing in the Olympics to winning the Pulitzer Prize.


As seen in the New York Fashion Show this year the school does not pull any punches and continues to produce some of the worlds most talented and forward thinking designers to walk the earth. Perhaps the most notable accomplishment the Academy of Arts has brought to the table is the ability to enable its students to break through cultural barriers and cooperate to produce stunning works from their collective artistic vision.


Clayton Hutson: Brief Info

This will give information around a successful tour manager named Clayton Hutson. He has jobs as a production manager and live sound engineer. He offers many different types of services. For example, he offers different services like show producer, production design, and different managements like production, stage, and logistic. He also works in services as rigging and monitor engineering. Learn more:


Hutson and his company offers a great solution that is friendly for the budget. He also wants it to be full of delight and surprise. They help in many areas lie ideation to budget to execution to onsite. They are a great location for the needs of an event.


Hutson’s entertainment company is called DiGiCo. This company’s in 2011 started to debut its SD11 console both the road and the field with the footman of the company Aaron Lewis. In a particular tour Lewis had been featured in a setting of an acoustic duo this was on sold-out stages that had ranged from places like headlining 700-seat casinos. This goes on to playing opening slots at festival bills and arenas with 50,000 seats. Hutson over the years had been driving about every console from DiGiCo on the market. For example, there have been many SD8’s on many one-off-gigs.


Now some information about a newer tour from 2017. This tour lasted form July 7th to September 12th. This particular tour goes throughout North America. There had been a mandate for a clean design that drove every production decision for a 2017 Honda Civic tour featuring OneRepublic. For the show, a control system being used at the show was called the Kinesys Elevation 1+ it’s a type of control system with variable speed chain hoist control.


The system for Hutson and Bill Ringstl the head rigger is convenient. This is because the movements are reliable and the job is safer as well. Hutson is happy that the movements are both precise and repeatable. He also says that it lets them to “ ‘thread the needle’”. This was as many of the cues were timed and the system was perfect in executing. Also, the Honda Civic screen on the bands stage was a wall that was forty feet. It displayed promotional footage while acts were going on. When the wall becomes removed the clean look of the set of OneRepublic becomes displayed in full force.